Disclosure Policy

Basic policy with respect to IR activities

With a view to maintaining transparency and providing accurate information to the investors timely, we intend to keen efforts to expand the investor base by focusing on IR activities and promoting proactive disclosure of information.

IR activities

The schedule for IR activities for the Investment Corporation is as follows:
  • Months of accounting period end: February and August
  • Announcement of business results (Summary of Financial Results): April and October 
  • Asset management report to be sent: May and November

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Time schedule with regard to the announcement of business results
(Summary of Financial Results)
Month of accounting End of month Accounts to be closed for the period
Period end Next month 1st week Reconcile the details of cash movements; start obtaining the general ledger statements ; start obtaining unpaid invoices
2nd week Start sending the general ledgers for individual properties to the general administrative agent (trust bank)
3rd/4th weeks Start preparing draft financial reports, etc.
Month following the next 1st week Complete final financial reports
Complete an empirical audit process by an accounting auditor (auditing firm)
2nd week Submit an audit report for the financial reports
Within 45 days from the accounting period end Approval of the financial reports (by the board of officers by the Investment from the Corporation)
Announcement of business results (registration of Summary of Financial Results with TDnet)
For institutional investors, we hold meetings, through individual visits and conferences, and set up opportunities to see properties on site. For individual investors, we promote proactive disclosure of information by making Summary of Financial Results, Asset Management Reports, Financial Statements and others available through our website, so as to expand the investor base.

Structure of Information Disclosure

JMF timely posts the Japanese disclosure documents to TDnet provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) under the TSE regulation, for English version, promptly discloses on JMF’s website.
Furthermore, the video of analyst meetings for the institutional investors and the analysts is provided on JMF’s website and is available to see all the time.
Structure of Information Disclosure

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