Number of Properties134

Total Acquisition Price1,220,688mn Yen



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Type of Use
Property Name
Address Acquisition Date
Building Date
Leasable Area (m2)
Acquisition Price (mn YEN)
Latest Appraisal Value (mn YEN)
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* As of January 31, 2024
* "Leasable area" means the total leasable area of the building for properties, used mainly as stores and offices, as indicated in the lease agreement or the floor plan of such property, and does not include the leasable area of warehouses and land (flat parking lots). In addition, as for the properties JRF owns in the form of co-ownership, notwithstanding the ownership ratio, the total leasable area is indicated in relation to the relevant property as a whole. As for the properties in which JRF owns only land (described as "Land with leasehold interest") above, JRF has included the total leasable area of the land based on the relevant registry.
* "Occupancy ratio" is calculated by rounding to the nearest first decimal place.
* Appraisal value date and Book value are as follows.
The properties in JMF's portfolio owned as of August 31, 2023: As of August, 2023
The properties in JMF's portfolio acquired after August 31, 2023: Appraisal value date and Book value announced in the notice concerning acquisition

Investment Securities(Silent Partnership Interests)


No. Asset Name Acquisition Price
(mn YEN)
Underlying Asset
Property Name Location
Z01 R40 Godo Kaisha Silent Partnership Interests 40% 8,651 Nagoya Lucent Tower (silent partnership interests) Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Total 8,651

* As of January 31, 2024

Investment Securities(Investment Units of Domestic Real Estate Investment Corporation)


No. Asset Name Investment Corporation Format Investment
Units Ratio
(mn YEN)
Net Asset
(mn YEN)
Net Asset
Value Date
Z02 Investment units of Nisshin Private Residential Reit, Inc. Unlisted open-ended investment corporation 5,350 25.2 6,274 6,563 Jun 30, 2023
Z04 Investment units of Hoosiers Private REIT Investment Corporation Unlisted open-ended investment corporation 2,050 35.0 2,104 2,170 Jun 30, 2023
Total 8,378 8,733

* As of January 31, 2024
*The net asset value of investment units of Hoosiers Private REIT Investment Corporation is based on the issue price at the time of this acquisition. The net asset value will be decided after the closing date for the first fiscal period ending December 2022.