Hoosiers Private REIT Investment Corporation

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Hoosiers Private REIT Investment Corporation (“HPR”) is an unlisted open-ended investment corporation sponsored by Hoosiers Holdings, a listed developer with an edge in the housing business. HPR invests mainly in housing but also invests in healthcare facilities and other facilities.
HPR will continue to invest in high-quality properties, mainly in the three major metropolitan areas and the core metropolitan areas, where the population is expected to continue to be concentrated in the future. By continuously providing assets under management that will gain the strong support of end users who live there, HPR will conduct management with the aim of maximizing unitholder value by steadily growing assets under management and securing stable income over the medium to long term.


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Asset Manager Hoosiers Capital Management Co., Ltd.
The Date To
Start Operating
March 25, 2022
Investment Policy HPR seeks to maximize unitholder value by achieving steady growth of assets under management and stable income over the medium to long term.
Investment Targets Residence / investment ratio: At least 80% (rental condominiums for single and small households, serviced apartments, company housing, etc.)
Healthcare facilities / investment ratio: No more than 20% (private nursing homes, serviced housing for the elderly) and others (clinic malls/medical buildings, health promotion facilities, community contribution facilities)
Building Policy
■ Investment ratio by area
 - The three major metropolitan areas (Tokyo metropolitan areas, Kinki areas, Chukyo areas) and core metropolitan areas (ordinance-designated cities other than the 3 major metropolitan areas, prefectural capitals, and regional core cities with a population of 0.2 million or more): At least 80%

 - Other (excluding the 3 major metropolitan areas and the core metropolitan areas): No more than 20%

Fiscal period The end of June and December

Portfolio(As of December 31, 2023)

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The Number of Properties 8 properties
The Amount of
Acquisition Price
9,961 million yen
The Amount of
Appraisal Value (Note1)
10,717 million yen
NOI Yield (Note2)
Investment area  The 3 major metropolitan areas: 81.4%
The core metropolitan areas: 18.6%
Total Leasable Area 24,669.44㎡
Occupancy Rate (Note3)
(Note 1) The total appraisal value as of December 31, 2023.
(Note 2) The value equal to the total amount of NOI based on the direct capitalization method in appraisal reports divided by the total acquisition price.
(Note 3) As of December 31, 2023

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