Jan. 26, 2023 PR

Received "2022 Energy Conservation Grand Prize" (JMF-Bldg. Yokohama Bashamichi 01)

The Energy Conservation Grand Prize is sponsored by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan, and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The award recognizes outstanding energy conservation efforts by business operators and workplaces, as well as products and business models with excellence in energy conservation.
Several business operators, including the management association (Yokohama Island Tower Management Association) of the JMF-Bldg. Yokohama Bashamichi 01 (Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa), which is owned by JMF, received the Director-General's Award from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in the energy conservation best practices at workplaces category. The award was given for a local heat supply joint project that utilizes the ability of a thermal storage heat pump system and cogeneration system, which was highly rated as a community-based energy conservation initiative that integrates advanced environmental technologies with local heat supply.
For details of the award and the property, please refer to the following link*.
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