Feb. 28, 2023 PR

JMF Receives “CASBEE for Building” Certifications

 Japan Metropolitan Fund Investment Corporation ("JMF") announced that one of its properties (JMF-Bldg. Kawasaki 01) acquired  CASBEE’s rank for building certification from the CASBEE certification board, which is recognized by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation.
  JMF will continue to take environmentally friendly measures to reduce its environmental impact by implementing environmental, energy-saving and energy efficient measures in its properties.

【Evaluation Rank of Properties that Received CASBEE for Building Certificates】

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 Property Name (Address) Certification Rank
JMF-Bldg. Kawasaki 01
(Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa)
S Rank:★★★★★

Please refer to the following. 
 ・The list of properties that received CASBEE for Building certificates.
  - CASBEE Website (Japanese text only)

 ・Detail of the properties awarded the certification
  - JMF-Bldg. Kawasaki 01

 ・JMF’s sustainability and other properties that have acquired the certification.
  - Sustainability
  - Environmental Charter and Approvals


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