Oct. 09, 2020 PR

Restaurant Floor "GYRE.FOOD" wins Good Design Award【GYRE】

 "GYRE.FOOD," which has opened on the restaurant floor (4th floor) of GYRE, a property owned by JRF in Omotesando (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), has won an award in the Good Design Awards 2020 organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
 〈 Jury's comments 〉
GYRE.FOOD is a space far exceeding expectations for the high-quality tenants of GYRE and the supreme team working on the restaurant floor. The 1,000-㎡ zone is a multipurpose space that is open to everyone, like a hotel lobby. It is a luxuriously-expansive and seamlessly-formed area, with a floor, walls and ceiling clad in earth-like materials. The large, primitive single space with the theme of "circulation" has an accepting and friendly aspect suited to receiving the racially-diverse visitors to the Harajuku area. We would be proud to show this place to the people who kindly visit from around the world. (Excerpt)


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