Dec. 04, 2019 PR

Notice Concerning receiving a certification of “CASBEE for Smart Wellness Office” as the first J-REIT property

MCUBS MidCity Investment Corporation (hereafter “MCUBS MidCity”) announces that its property, G-Square Shibuya Dogenzaka, has received a certification for “CASBEE for Smart Wellness Office” newly established from Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation. This is the first case in the J-REIT which a property, G-Square Shibuya Dogenzaka, has received the certification after the system was launched.
G-Square Shibuya Dogenzaka has already received a certification for “CASBEE for Real Estate”, and by obtaining a certification for “CASBEE for Wellness Office”, it also has been certified under “CASBEE for Smart Wellness Office” which comprehensively evaluates the next generation office model.
*CASBEE for Wellness Office” is an evaluation system that evaluates the buildingʼs specifications, performance and initiatives supporting the maintenance and enhancement of the building usersʼ health and comfort. In addition to factors directly affecting the health and comfort of people working in the building, factors contributing to improve intellectual productivity and performance related to safety and security are also subject to be evaluated.
For more information, please see IBECʻs website below.


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