Oct. 19, 2022 Property

Notice Concerning Change of Property Name

Japan Metropolitan Fund Investment corporation announces that it has changed the name of a property it owns as described below.

1.Properties to have changes

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No. Type of Use Property Name (Before) Property Name (After)
10004 Mixed-use G-Bldg. Daikanyama 01 JMF-Bldg. Daikanyama 02
10053 Mixed-use G-Bldg. Jingumae 09 JMF-Bldg. Jingumae 03
20024 Mixed-use G-Bldg. Umeda 01 JMF-Bldg. Umeda 01
20027 Mixed-use G-Bldg. Midosuji 01 JMF-Bldg. Midosuji 01
90012 Mixed-use G-Bldg. Tenjin Nishi-dori 01 JMF-Bldg. Tenjin Nishi-dori 01

2.Date of name changes

October 19, 2022 


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