Jun. 26, 2017 Property

Environment Improvement Works to Be Carried Out at “Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk”

Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation (“JRF”) will carry out environment improvement works at “Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk” (Oyama-shi, Tochigi) to strengthen the advantages of an open-air shopping mall.



The improvement works to be carried out by JRF will be based on the “SHOPPING IN THE PARK” concept adopted in the renewal implemented from 2013 to 2014. The concept aims to build an environment where customers can enjoy shopping in a park-like atmosphere by strengthening the advantages of an open-air shopping mall. The works will be centered on the parking lot area in front of the north buildings and are aimed at providing space for events, taking into consideration the interrelationships between the tenant stores.

Works Area and Concept Image of Completed Space

Note: The above image is based on the preliminary design and may be altered in the final design.

Scheduled Completion of Works

October 2017


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