Oct. 20, 2011 Property

Names of a Property to Change

Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation (JRF) announced that the name of properties owned by JRF will be changed as below.

1.Properties to have changes

New Name: AEON MALL Itami
Old Name: AEONMALL Itami Terrace

New Name: AEON MALL Tsurumiryokuchi
Old Name: AEONMALL Tsurumi Leafa

New Name: AEON MALL Musashi Murayama
Old Name: AEONMALL Musashi-murayama mu

2.Reason for the change

 As a result of announcement that AEON MALL Co., Ltd. will change the properties' name in order to spread its brand "AEONMALL".

3.Date of name changes

October 21, 2011  


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